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Eco friendly. Bio Plastics & Decomposition Accelerator


Untill when, should we use conventional plastic products that can damage the environment?
We would like to provide you the eco-friendly plastic that
has the durability just like conventional plastic.

TECOPLUS is a green company primarily developing Bio based plastics and Functional additives.

By keeping the pace with clients’ demands that has been changed due to global environmental crisis,
we have been and are currently utilizing diverse kinds of biomass for its right use and purpose. Furthermore,
our products are also environmental friendly that are safe for food and human contact.

TECOPLUS, where values the unrivaled technology and reliability as its core,
would like to be the standard of future environmental industry
by pushing forward in developing the eco-friendly products.

Our products

When you hear “Bioplastic”, wouldn’t you think of high cost and vulnerable properties?
By our unrivaled technology, we can satisfy you without any change of existing equipments and big loss.



Decomposition Accelerator

improved in degradation efficiency with multi-degrading technology Degrading period is arbitrary adjustable

· ASTM D 6954 tier 1 : Degrading period under 5,000 Da
- T – MBA : 300 hrs

Product type : Pellet


True Anti-Bacterial Additive

contact / non-contact

antibacterial activity using powerful micro wavelength

Product type : Powder, Liquid, Pellet


True Dehumidifying Additive

Includes the functionality of products to directly absorb the moisture without use of any additional dehumidifying agent. There is no hygroscopic swelling from absorbing moisture.

Product type : Pellet


True Odor Eliminating Additive

Different from existing products, T-OEA can completely eliminate the odor compounds by dissociating instead of covering it.

Product type : Liquid, Pellet



Eco-Paper Based Compound

Polymerized wasted-papers and starches.Can be molded by itself or mixed with conventional plastics. Contents of biomass is adjustable for the use and purpose. Can be applied from reinforced to expanded products


Eco-Bio based Compound

Contains biomass from plants.Production process is simpler than traditional bio-based plastic.In addition, it has low carbon emissions and competitive price.

contact / non-contact


Eco-Mineral based Compound

Different from existing products, E-MBC structured including organic binder has the excellent strength and low cost by solving the problem of property vulnerability once minerals are added.

contact / non-contact


Trough TECOPLUS’s outstanding technology,
biomass can turn into common bioplastic products that are found around us

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